Friday, 1 June 2012

Engine in then out again!

I got off to a good start.  Call to Mark at Westfield confirmed that the indicator and brake/side light earth had to be spliced as there was only 1 earth pin in the connector.  Assembled connectors in day light and eventually worked out how the pin locking mechanism worked - required some pins to be remade and ensuring the orientation of the pin in the connector shell was correct.  Also added extra ty-wrap mounts around the back end of the car to ensure 150mm/6" of fixings.

A call from Jason confirmed that the handbrake cable had been dispatched for delivery tomorrow so I should be able to get the rear fuel system and fuel tank installed over the weekend.  James & I got the car off the stands and on to it's wheels to have a trial engine installation.
It took some trial and error to work out the best way to get the engine/gearbox fitted and very happy that I paid the extra for the leveller.  I had fitted the radiator and fan but had to remove it to get the hoist close enough to the front of the chassis.

Not much space between the chassis and the rear of the engine

 Marked the engine and gearbox mounts for drilling but will check with Mark first as without the ECU & loom I can't install the engine anyway!  Engine removed and preparation for tomorrow's delivery. Once again a couple of steps back, I had to un-rivet the first tunnel cover to be able to scribe the gearbox mount.
Gearbox mount marked for drilling
n/s engine mount marked for drilling
hrs for me, 1 hr each for James and Myles - total 71.5 hrs 


  1. Going great guns ! you must be a nightmare for Westfield and their supply chain ! LOL
    Did you get an ecu loom ?
    Best wishes
    Paul & Joe IOM.

  2. Handbrake cable delivered by FedEx this morning at 08:30, still waiting on the ECU/Loom/TBs etc, no luck just getting the loom (so far!)as they come from OMEX as a complete kit. I was hoping that the instruments and missing switch would arrive so we could work on the dash - hopefully next week!!!!! I Might get the bodywork down during the week and start doing a trial fit.


  3. Wish I had a dash to work on ! LOL
    What is the picture to the left of the tunnel gearbox mount ?
    Great progress

  4. It's the engine mount for the n/s by the starter motor, the markings correspond to the slots on the chassis, if you look in the picture above you can see it under the rubber vibration absorber. I thought it should have come drilled, but it didn't, and I want to check the top right hole with Mark before I drill it. After all there's no rush!!!