Saturday, 2 June 2012

Handbrake arrived and installed

 The handbrake cable arrived first thing this morning, thus depriving me of any excuse not to go shopping with Tricia.   Got back at 10:30 and set to work installing the cable.  Initial fit fairly straight forward sorting the routing from the tunnel, round the diff, drive shafts and wishbones.  Installing to the calipers needed a little "fettling" especially as the n/s caliper cable mount seemed a little askew at first.  Then into the tunnel to connect the handbrake which required a fair amount of adjusting to give enough slack.  Once everything was connected I ty-wrapped the cable to the wishbones, not quite where the build manual suggested but the cable wouldn't reach and I also had to allow for the different calipers.  A couple of test pulls and adjustments and all seemed fine for now.
n/s handbrake cable fitted (ignore the fuel hoses fitted next)
o/s handbrake cable all ty-wrapped in place
Then on to the fuel tank, I'd already prepared all the hoses and fixing straps so this was a relatively easy connection until I came to fitting the washers and nuts to the front (of the car) strap.  Unfortunately my sausage like fingers and beefy arms struggled to find away into the gap so what I thought was a minute or so task took almost half an hour.

fuel tank fitted and plumbed in 

Before I packed up I labelled up the Zetec Loom (not the ECU Loom that hasn't arrived yet) and then roughly orientated it in the engine bay.

hrs for me, James and Myles both at Scoutfest
 for the weekend - total 74.5 hrs - now off to B&Q, Homebase etc with Tricia.

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