Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Almost a day without working on the car

Not a lot going on today.  A phone call to Mark at Westfield to discuss the various questions raised over the weekend; he confirmed that the chassis drilling from the initial engine fit was within the norms and that the n/s mount has a fair amount of adjustment in it so okay to drill to one side of the markings.  I almost left things at that but, having seen a couple of build sites where 3M carbon fibre effect had been used to bling up various parts of the car, I decided to do the same; starting with the pedal box cover.
And here it is - 2nd try though! - note the cover has to be trimmed to size before fitting so I should have waited!

about an 1 hr for me,  so 85.5 hrs in total so far


  1. Looks great !
    Been trying to get the proper carbon arch protectors which carbon mods used to do but can't get them anywhere.


  2. If you find some make to be sure they fit an FW Body. Westfield sell them @ ~£160 and are tooling up to produce CF "effect" that will be ~£80. I bought some from ebay - "Stone Guard Real Carbon" for about £25, not I really what wanted, but I'll see what they look like against the car and decide whether to buy the full wrap around ones from Westfield.