Monday, 4 June 2012

Move the ECU Mount

oh dear!
I had the morning to work on the car so got the scuttle down from the roof space and fitted the heater and wipers - up to the point when I realised that the wiper motor mount wasn't in the bag with the motor and other parts.  I decided to look at the problem with the ECU mount that Rhett had noticed on an earlier post.  I positioned the scuttle on to the car and, sure enough, the heater nozzle was pointing straight at the ECU panel.  I had previously considered buying a new silicone hose to extend the nozzle beyond the ECU, but once in-situ this would block off half the mount so the obvious (and cheapest) solution was to move the mount.

1.5 hours later.....
looks better
 Scuttle "in-place"
starting to look more like a car

I fitted the and prop shaft using the newly fitted handbrake to hold the diff whilst I torqued up each bolt and fitted the Heated Windscreen loom after labelling it up.  Finally Gave the garage a good clean up and returned all the tools to their rightful places while I was looking for the wiper motor mount!

hrs - total 78.5 hrs , now off the Ham Hill with the dogs, then to the Prince of Wales for lunch before heading off the Wincanton to pick up the children from Scoutfest 2012.

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