Sunday, 24 June 2012

Clutch connected & a general tidying up

Not much done today. Myles and I connected the clutch which was and interesting experience - we  eventually opted to disconnect the clutch pedal, connect up the clutch end of the cable, use the clutch pedal with the cable termination turned through 90 degrees to start the clutch action.  While Myles was holding the clutch pedal I used stilsons in reverse to action the clutch fully while Myles released the clutch pedal and refitted the clutch pin - I'll adjust the clutch cable later.  The rest of the time was spent tidying up the garage and checking through the rest of the kit.

Gearbox clutch connection

Clutch and accelerator stop bolts fitted 
2 hrs for me and 1 hr for Myles - total 105 hrs.

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