Sunday, 27 May 2012

What Next?

 A collection of photos to cover the weekends in-activity:
Fitted washer bottle and spliced in the correct connector into the chassis loom.  Also put ty-wrap mounts into the N/S lower chassis in preparation for fitting the engine/ECU/Battery loom

Fitted all the rear lights and temporarily fitted to the chassis to look at where the looms go.  I will now add ty-wrap mounts to the chassis where the looms need to run

 Handbrake and switch installed
 Master cylinder - filled and wiring connected
  Battery fitted (will remove before lifting off the stands)
 N/S Front wiring all convoluted up

Luckily I got distracted into dog walking and watching Myles play rugby again - followed by a BBQ and lubricated with a couple of pints of Stowford Press, no chance of working on the car so off to the garden for a nice relax in the warmth of the late afternoon - hopefully there will be good news from Westfield tomorrow regarding the OMEX Loom

1 hr for me and 0.5 hrs for Myles - total 64.5 hrs

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