Friday, 29 June 2012


Another package arrived from Westfield - the replacement tunnel cover, cooling blanks, extra jubilee clips and a new lower steering column.  I fitted all the blanks and jubilee clips that (hopefully) won't need removing at a later stage of the build but left the ones for the scuttle.

Having confirmed that there was sufficient loom to allow me to install the dash but remove the scuttle to fit the bodywork I drilled the scuttle and fitted 4mm rivnuts for the dash.

First I mated the loom up to the instruments and switches and worked out where everything went.  To work out the sensor wiring I needed the chassis and engine wiring schematics and the instrument wiring diagrams and it was then straight forward which wire went where (although I need to confirm the green wire is the 12V controlled by ignition switch with Mark - the answer was Yes).  The loom will need some tidying up on final build.

Having swapped the indicator switch with the horn in the dash I had to extend the horn wires - used the Westfield supplied adapters and heat shrink to insulate.  Not the prettiest - might change to an in-line splice later.

The loom was designed for different instruments and Westfield had supplied a set of adapter cables to plug into the connectors and new instruments.  I decided that this wasn't the best way and dismantled all the plugs and connected direct to the instruments after insulating each of the crimp connectors with heat shrink. See 18 Sept post for speedo wiring

I sorted out the final routing of the main battery +ive cable from the starter solenoid, looming back behind the starter solenoid to take up the excess and hopefully avoiding the exhaust.  

Finally I fitted the new lower steering column.  This one is a single piece as it doesn't need to clear the standard induction manifold and therefore doesn't need the support bracket - hopefully I'll be able to start working on the bodywork and have enough access to fit the upper column when it arrives.

A very enjoyable 4 hrs in my comfort zone with the electrics - total 113 hrs


  1. Fantastic progress Jon ! You have the same instruments as me can only be good when I get stuck !! unfortunately I don't have a dashboard so can't progress there. Didn't realise steering bracket not needed, one less thing to stress about !
    Good wishes

  2. Paul,

    Did you order an option dash? Check which steering column set you have. I originally was given a 3 piece (minus the upper)and this needs the bracket with a bush fitted into it. The reason for the 3 piece was to clear the standard Zetec induction manifold which clearly neither of us need. If you've got the 3 piece and want a 2 piece Westfield will change it but will want the 3 piece returned. From what I understand, the pros for 2 piece are 1) it's easier to fit & 2) as it has 1 less UJs experienced WF drivers say it's a more precise drive and finally 3) appears to be lighter; the cons 1) the 3 piece has more offsets and therefore "collapses" more in an accident, 2) you have it and don't have the hassle of returning it.

    One thing - if you look at the photo with the scuttle rivnuts - one has masking tape on it holding a piece of gel coat that cracked while installing the rivnut - currently being glued back. It won't be seen on the finished car but I went much more carefully from then on!

    Hope this helps

    Jon H