Monday, 25 June 2012

Fuel & Cooling Hoses

I got home from work and found a package from WF, Throttlebody mounting bolts, extra fuel hose and the upper steering column outer. 

First thing was to trial fit the steering column and mark out where the hole needed to be cut in the bulkhead.  Then drilled it with a 30mm hole saw and James filed/deburred the hole with sufficient clearance to allow a grommet to be added later on final fit.

Next was cutting the scuttle to clear the Steering Column.  After positioning and marking out to allow for the side panels I drilled through the scuttle with the same 32mm hole saw, then used a hacksaw to cut out the section and then cleaned off the edges with a half round file.

With the Scuttle now in a representative position I started adding the cooling hoses (leaving so excess to be trimmed once everything is fully in place) and clamping the solid pipe work in place using 6mm rivnuts into the chassis - the clamp mounted on the n/s upper chassis rail has been left loose as it will need a clearance hole in the side panel top rail t.  The expansion tank mounting is different to the info in the manual so another question for Mark.

Final job of the day was connecting the fuel hoses - and turning around the fuel filter which I'd managed to fit back to front - given that it was marked in/out on either end it must have been harder to get it wrong than right!!!

2.5 hrs for me and 0.5 hrs for for James - total 108 hrs.

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