Saturday, 23 June 2012

Engine Installed

The Throttlebodies, ECU and Loom arrived on Wednesday but, after unpacking and placing the loom on the chassis, I ended up with a number of questions that needed WF's input before I could go an further.  Having spoken to Mark Walker on Thursday I had all the answers I needed but then had to taxi children around South Somerset and worked in Bristol on Friday.
First thing this morning I fitted the injectors to the TBs and installed the ECU Loom.

Prior to installing the engine I installed the Oil Pressure Sensor.
 Once the engine was fitted I confirmed the gearbox oil filler hole that I'd cut after the first engine install was okay.
 I put the scuttle in place to make sure the ECU Loom missed the heater and windscreen wiper motor.
Started to fit the cooling system - radiator and pipe work (Exhaust manifold held on with 2 studs just to make sure all the wiring and cooling pipes have enough clearance) still got a fair amount left to do tomorrow.
Two boys getting in the way of the Throttlebodies.
Happy with the days work but TBs are only on with 2 studs because I'll need access to fit the steering column.

hrs for me,  0.5 each for hrs for Tricia,James and Myles 1 hr - total 102.0 hrs - broken the ton!


  1. Hi Jon,

    I maybe have made a faux pas here, what is the sensor connection by the oil filter for ?
    I have removed mine and fitted the oil pressure sensor here ?
    Best wishes

  2. Paul,

    I believe it's the standard Ford oil pressure switch so you should be okay. I struggled to remove it and asked Mark at WF what spanner I should use/buy and he suggested just using the grub screw, Rhett did the same as me.

    What's the weather forecast in IofM - have you tried lifting the front of the car up instead?

    Jon H

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