Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Boys both back from Scoutfest but now at work stop on the chassis waiting on confirmation of gearbox and engine mount drilling and the ECU Loom.  Myles wanted to get a seat down and fit it to the car and, while I was in the roof space, I got down the side body panels as well to see what they looked like on the chassis.
James fitting the rest of the bolts

O/S  Clamped up with a couple of bolts fitted

N/S all finished

Bonnet and body work together
We ran out of plastic bolts and when I checked the order I'd only bought 12 so James finished off the rest of the holes  with the M6 bolts supplied by Westfield.  We will have to take it all apart again to clean all the holes and seal up the joints on final assembly be for the moment it will be  safely stored for when the rest of the bits for the chassis arrive.

hrs for me, 1 hr each for James and Myles - total 84.5 hrs 

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