Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Cycle Wings

First thing was sorting the Speedo - Mark at Westfield advised that the button must be pressed and held and then power applied to enter the set up mode (iaw the instructions!) and guess what - it worked set to 3650 pulses and powered down.

The on to the Cycle Wings - I followed Smokey Mow's instructions from the WSCC FAQs forum.  I had bonded the n/s cycle wing on Sunday so jacked up the car and removed the front cycle wing by pushing up on each of the big head bolts to ease them off the bracket that had been covered with tape to stop any unwanted bonding.  Once removed I used a sharp knife to remove any surplus sikaflex from around the big heads

Then on to the fibre glass - followed the instruction on the kit and mixed up 100ml of resin and 3ml of catalyst and bonded 1 layer of normal fibre glass and then a top layer of finishing tissue.  Once everything had cured I ran an M6 die down each thread to clean off the resin.

Final tasks of the morning was to finish off the fitting of the Roll Bar covers and screw together the windscreen mounts and rear view mirrors in preparation for the windscreen's arrival (hopefully by the end of the week!).

Managed to get out to the garage for an hour or so this evening and wired up the front indicators and also fitted the o/s cycle wing repeater and temporarily wired to confirm polarity of the LED and see what it looked like on the car

4.5 hrs today giving a total of 175.5 hrs to date

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