Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Started on the Interior

Sorted (well mostly) the indicator repeater wiring to the o/s cycle wing and bolted it on to the mount.  I will need to sort out a final clip on the outside edge of the wing.

Experimented with the use of sikaflex to hold the ty-wrap mounts in place in the nose, just went to the garage to check and it appears to have worked so will do the same in the cycle wings.  I might also add another 2 mounts at the edge of the nose cone.  Of concern, I noticed a slight coolant leak inside the nose cone - for later investigation.

With Myles by now helping, I measured the tunnel as the tunnel carpet has to be cut to allow the dash cabling to pass through.

Then on to the interior side panels which were fitted with 3.2mm black rivets.  Once these were in place Myles and I fitted the rear panel carpet to confirm it fitted then add the velcro and finally fitted the carpet in place.  Final job of the day was to do a trial fit of the seats.  I first drilled out new holes either side of the standard seat holes on a 32cm spacing.  Whilst this allowed the seats to be fitted one was up against the tunnel and the other against the side panel.

I decided to turn the holes into slots to allow the seat to be positioned in the centre of each compartment once all the trim is fitted.  I check the washers to ensure the slots were smaller than them and then cut them out with the Dremmel. After a couple of trial fits I was happy that there was enough adjustment for the smallest size slots.  I then tidied up the edges and de-burred before spraying with hammerite.

5 hrs for me and 2 hrs for Myles - not sure where the time went as the individual jobs didn't seem to take too long.  Total build time to date 182.5 hrs.

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