Thursday, 26 July 2012

Oil Catch Tank

I was originally going to fit an oil catch tank as a future upgrade but after a few posts on the WSCC newbie forum that confirmed that a well installed catch tank wasn't an issue for the IVA and that the alternative might be oil leaking on the floor during the test I decided to install one as part of the initial build.  My plan is to use the car for road and track days but not racing so there was not need for a 1 litre MSA approved tank.  Feedback form other Zetec owners suggested that there was benefit from having an "open" system with a filter so after some searching on ebay I ordered this:

I made a bracket from one of the steering rack mounts that were supplied with the kit but I had replaced with aluminium.  I now need to order the hoses to connect to the engine.

Another hour -
total 158 hrs

Edited - a combination of single bracket and direct mounting to the engine resulted in this catch tank breaking off just before my first trip to the Le Mans Classic - replacement is at:


  1. Looks great !
    Being a tightwad mine is apparently coming from a local supplier in Hong Kong ! said london on an auction site !!!
    Won't be long until you are on the road !


  2. Paul/Joe,

    Many thanks for the details of your heat shield. I have next week off work so will focus of finishing of the jobs we can but "the road" will have to wait until we have a steering column and windscreen. I started completing the IVA forms tonight and will have to decide whether to apply in the hope that the parts arrive as there seems to be a month or so's wait for a test slot - what is the IofM equivalent?
    Jon H

  3. Looking forward to engine start good luck !
    Good wishes