Sunday, 1 July 2012

Exhaust Manifold Cut Out

Measure twice - cut once! Before fitting the side panel I'd fitted the exhaust manifold and measured the position as it went through the chassis.  I marked this on the side panel and then took the measurements from Rhett's blog (see useful links on the RHS - day 48) and marked these over the top of mine.  The two aligned with mine sitting well inside Rhett's so  I decided to go with his because this gave the additional cut out to allow the exhaust manifold to be fitted.  Photo taken after the masking tape was removed with all the fibre glass dust showing where it was.

Panel polished and manifold in place

Exhaust Manifold clearances

Final job of the day was to fit the rear tunnel cover and the handbrake weather seal.  Myles fitted the panel with M5 rivnuts and screws to allow access to adjust the handbrake in the future.

2.5 hrs for me and 1 hr for Myles - total 122 hrs - broken the 120 hrs, does this mean it's finished!!!!!.

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