Monday, 30 July 2012

Torquing up and fault finding

Started the day with paperwork and a call the WF.  With Mark's help I completed the IVA forms and printed/photocopied all the required documents.  Then on to Jason for an update on the 3 outstanding items: Windscreen should be this week, Upper steering column- no forecast but they're close to a solution and the front grill is on order so should be the next couple of weeks.  In the end I applied for the last Monday in August and if I don't have everything by 10 days before I'll ask for a postponement.

Now that the car is on the ground it's was time to torque up the suspension, a straight forward job for Myles and I but not photographic material.  I attempted sorted out IVA covers for the top of the RAC Roll Bar following Rhett's blog but with a minor adjustment the addition of self amalgamating tape.

Happy with the overall look so I then applied the self amalgamating tape to the fuel pump electrical connections.

The advice from Mark at WF was that the ECU has a cold start that gets overidden if you use the accelerator and then once the engine gets to 60 deg C normal control takes over with the ECU using the Lambda sensor to control the mixture.  James and I started the engine but it just wouldn't run without using the accelerator once it got to temperature all was well and the idle was ~900 rpm, oil temperature dropped to ~40 psi and the cooling fan cutting in at ~90 deg C.

On to the Rev Counter and Mark had confirmed that the gauge is driven by the OMEX which he'd never known to fail.  Looking at the back of the guage the problem was straight forward - I'd connected the power the wrong way around - a quick swap over and all was well.  

However, I then went on to try and setup the speedo pulses and ran into a new problem - the speedo wouldn't enter any of the setup modes.  James went through the instructions again and confirmed that there was something wrong.  Nothing we could do for now so time for a couple of photos and then packed up for the evening.  See 31 Jul 2012 or the instructions! for correct setup process

I couldn't resist a final photo of the engine bay - when I filled the cooling system I topped up too below the centre line - must have read something on WSCC - this turned out to be a bit of luck as when the engine is running and heats up the tank fills to the top.

And finally the rear diffuser - needs a polish!

3 hrs for me and 1.5 hrs each for James and Myles - total 171 hrs.

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