Sunday, 15 July 2012

One step forward 2 steps back!

I'm not sure that I had a plan for today but if I did it didn't survive first contact with the garage.

 First task was to finish the tunnel covers re-rivetting the front cover and rivnutting the handbrake section.  Accessing the front holes required the removal of the lower heater outlets, but it was a straight forward task achieved without any snags.

Next was tidying up the dash wiring and fitting the dash.  The wiring was straight forward and I selected a location for the relays and fuses on the drivers side behind the heater.  I couldn't decide how to mount them because only the heated screen relay timer had the means to screw it in place.  I'm tempted to verco them like the engine loom but will check with WF next week.  After a general tidy up of the loom, ty-wrapping the unused cables to the rest of the loom and routing the headlight switch and ignition wiring to their respective locations, I offered up the dash to the scuttle and screwed it in place - 1 screw didn't align with the scuttle and worst of all the steering column missed the hole in the dash by a significant amount.

After removing the dash it was clear that the column was right over to one side of the available adjustment and was being held there by the scuttle and bulkhead cut outs.  Out with the Dremmel and both were adjusted and, following multiple rebuilds, I now have the full range of adjustment  available when the steering column inner eventually arrives.  The original scuttle cut was about 5mm out but until I get the steering column inner I won't know how much of the adjustment I'll need, luckily this will be cover by the pedal box cover  so it isn't an issue for the final finish of the car.

Dash refitted and the steering column now aligns with the cut out.

Next was filling the gearbox with oil and covering the access hole - luckily Myles joined me and I sent him down the passenger foot well to complete all these tasks as my "fuller figure" struggled to get passed the dash.  I copied the idea of the cut out from numerous other build sites but inI the end I ended up going under the car to get the plug to re-engage so it's perhaps of marginal benefit, for the effort, especially as it will require the carpets to be removed to ever use it.

The final task of the day was to fit the boot lid locks.  After discussions with WF during the week I located the cut out markings that are included in the gel coat during manufacture.  I drilled out the initial holes to 20mm and then filed the 22mm flat sections before filing out the corners to form the shape of the lock mechanism.  Sunday lunch was now calling so I called it a day.

4 hours for me and 1 hour for Myles - total 144 hrs

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