Monday, 16 July 2012

More Bodywork

More bodywork; first was fitting the bonnet catches - I taped the bonnet down on both sides then marked out the position of the upper and lower catch halves.  Drilled through with 4.1mm drill and then rivetted in place, finally drilled out the 5th hole and rivetted.

Next job was to fit the lower rear body mounting bracket. After a lot of adjustment and packing out of the bodywork to get it as even as possible I drilled, rivnutted and bolted the bracket to the chassis. 

  All was going fine until one of the rivnuts decided to lose grip with the chassis.  Out with the Dremmel to cut off the bolt and then grind out the rivnut.  I quick spray of hammerite and I fitted a new rivnut - making sure it was very well crimped.

Next I rivetted the lower side panel at a 200mm spacing down the chassis - after just missing the chassis on one of the rivets I took more time to ensure that I was certain where the chassis was through the fibre glass before drilling!

Final effort of the day was to fit a cycle wing for a photo of the almost finished front end of the car.

3.5 hours working on my own - total now 147.5 hours.

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