Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Testing the Dashboard Electrics

Not much done tonight, I connected up the headlights and tested the Dashboard electrics.  The headlights already had the pins crimped so it was just a case of inserting them into the connector shells supplied with the looms and then protecting the cable with convoluted trunking.  

I positioned the dash loom relays and fuses along side the heater unit on the drivers side and fettled the one dash mounting bolt hole that didn't line up - perhaps I should have cleaned up all the fibre glass dust!

After a quick check to makes sure that all the +12V connectors were insulated, I connected the battery earth cable.  I had temporarily wired up the headlights to a spare heater blower rocker switch and shorted out the ignition connector to allow me to carry out the tests.

First problem was that the indicators where wired back to front with a switch to the left switching the right hand side lights - solution turn the switch around.  Next the back light on the speedo wasn't working - fluke multi-meter confirmed the power was the bulb connector but I then realised that what I thought was a double +12V connector was actually an earth and +12V, the loom had a "spare" earth so I connected it and hey presto fixed, loom now has a "spare" +12V!

Running through the switches the fog light switch only lights up when the fog light is on and it only switches on when the head lights are on - will check but I believe this is correct to the IVA requirements. Also the wiper and washer didn't work but this is possibly because I need to switch the ignition on fully.

1.5 hours working on my own, Myles is away with school and James was Young Leadering - total now 149 hours and not quite sure what I'm doing next.


  1. Seems a success Jon, I am expecting showers of sparks when I get to this stage ! LOL


  2. Paul,
    Still have to wire the front and repeater indicators, confirm the wash/wipe function and start the engine to confirm all wiring there is correct - no exhaust at the moment! But so far it's been okay - next problem is the front of the o/a side panel appears too close to the lower wishbone - Mark says the o/s is always closer made worse by the wide track wishbone - should be okay but I feel the Dremmel will be back in action.