Sunday, 8 July 2012

More Bodywork

Only a short session today as the British Grand Prix took priority!

James and I aligned the side panels to the bonnet and then rivetted the top rail on both sides of the engine bay.  Next was fitting the scuttle which needed the side panels to be drilled to clear the rivnuts which I used a wood drill to cut.  After a trial fit the scuttle join was "corked" with silicone sealer and bolted in place.

Wood drill
Scuttle Bolts


Last thing was to ty-wrap the rear wiring to the chassis

2 hrs for me and James - total 133 hrs. 


  1. Fantastic progress !

    Good wishes


  2. Paul,

    Many thanks - gear lever and indicator pods arrived yesterday and I'm now back from a couple of nights away with work so should be back in the garage by the weekend - when will you be updating your post?

    Jon H