Friday, 20 July 2012

Harness Eye Bolts & RAC Roll Bar

Another package arrived from Westfield containing the 4 point harnesses, headlight rocker switch and extra jubilee clips/washers.

I marked out the positions of the eye bolts looking through the roll bar cut outs to establish the centre line and then measuring 1" from the inner roll bar mount bolt centre and then another 9 3/8".  I then drilled pilot holes and made sure that the markings lined up with the chassis mount by putting a scribe through the pilot hole and looking between the fuel tank and body work.  All okay I drilled out one of the outer mounts with a 20mm wood drill bit as a trial.  All went okay so I drilled out the rest and fitted the eye bolts - one will need a washer to line it up.

Then on to the roll bar - first I fitted the main bar and torqued up the bolts - I later decided this was not the best of ideas as it meant that there was no movement in the main bar to allow the struts to be put in place.  I marked up the hole for the strut taking plenty of time and trying a variety of different methods to make sure I was in the right place.  Once I was happy I drilled through the centre with a 20mm bit and checked again with a string directly between the two mounts. 
 I then opened up the hole with the Dremmel testing, adjusting and slowly cutting to the required size.  Fitting the strut was a pig and I wish I wasn't so stubborn and had unbolted the main bar - perhaps when I do the other side!

Final job of the night was to fit the head light switch.

3 hrs - total now 152 hrs

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