Sunday, 22 July 2012

Roll Bar Covers

Lesson of the day - don't be stubborn - when you know you've done something wrong - stop digging!

I started on the other side of the roll bar and immediately ran into the same problem as yesterday with regard the main roll bar preventing movement of the support struts to allow them to be fitted.  But today I loosened the main bar mounts and immediately was able to fit the struts will little further adjustment  - sometimes it's better to walk away!

Once the roll bar and struts were in place it was time to prepare the roll bar mount covers - once again the measure 2x and cut once applied plus cut a little and check also applied.  Ultimately happy with the fit but need to buy extra self tappers that are long enough for the front mounts.

3 hrs - can't believe that this took so long but it's now at the final finish of the car so taking a few extra hours must be worth it - still have to torque everything up though.

total time 155 hrs.

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