Saturday, 29 September 2012

Pre-IVA Build Finished

While I was in the US a replacement Synchrometer and the front grill arrived in the post.  Unfortunately, whilst I landed at LHR T5 on Tuesday afternoon I'd then had to travel up to Bristol on Wed/Thurs and by Friday all I wanted to do was drink cider and watch the Saints (beat Wasps).  Saturday started with shopping and children taxiing so I didn't get to the garage until 11:00.

First task was to warm up the engine and try to set up the Throttle Bodies with the new synchrometer - success.  I followed the instructions provided by Guy at Omex and also re-watched terryathome's youtube video and initially was a little concerned because although the reading was in single figures it was still nearly twice the 4-5 kg/hr I was supposed to set the induction to.  However, I cracked on and adjusted the idle screw whilst measuring the 2nd intake - I had to reduce the screw setting quite away but as I did the idle improved and I achieved the 4-5 kg/hr required.  By this time the TPS was reading 11, not the ~20 that I'd been told to expect and had originally set the idle to! Next I adjusted the inter-TB screw whilst measuring in take 3 until it matched intake 2 then adjusted the idle by-pass screws for intakes 1 & 4 until all read the same.  (based on this video Spielberg won't have to worry about me as competition)

By now the idle was much better and there were no nasty pops/crackles at idle - success.  I'm also confident that this will have resolved the emissions MoT failure as the adjustments have effectively reduced the air and increased the fuel which is what I needed to do.

Next I refitted the dash and steering wheel and went for a couple of runs up an down the drive to confirm that the speedo sensor wiring and all appeared okay, although @75m there wasn't enough time to confirm accuracy.  Tricia even came out and had her first drive of the car - need to make sure she doesn't get too confident and take over......

Back to the work, Myles and I fitted all the IVA covers to the front suspension, bonnet clips and windscreen pillars.  We used self amalgamating tape to hold the shock and upper wishbone covers - I need to check this is okay. Note: It's not (only classed as a temporary repair) so I replaced with the right size upper WB covers and removed the shocks to fit the covers - however, Bristol Centre inspectors were happy that the shock collet is in the exempt area.

Under the dash I fitted the inner panels, drilling out and replacing one of the side panel rivet and then one more at the front edge.

Then drilled 4 holes in the nose to fit the grill

The final task of the build was to fix the lambda sensor cable with a p-clip.  Again I drilled out an existing rivet and refitted it with the clip.

Build now finished and I'm ready for the IVA on the 10 Oct 12.  I'll take the car down to Quedam Tyres next Saturday to confirm that the emissions are okay and reset the head lights and Brendan has offered to come over and to a trial load to the trailer so there will be no problems on IVA day.

2 hours for me and 1/2 hr each for James & Myles - total build & rectification time to date 232 hrs.

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