Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Speedo fixed

Myles and I picked up the car from the garage after having it's wheel alignment "MoT retest" and drove home on a slightly longer route to avoid the early evening traffic - twisty country roads and very enjoyable despite the pop pop on throttle off and rattle from the exhaust.  Thanks very much to the guys at Quedam Tyres, Yeovil for doing the alignment - a bunch of real petrol heads who were willing to ballast the car and spend just over a day getting the set up done - I don't think they want to see another WF for a while though!!

Mark Walker from WF provided us the correct wiring for the speedo sensor (and Paul in the IofM confirmed that it was how he & Joe had wired their's):

sensor blue wire > earth
sensor black wire > speedo yellow wire
sensor brown wire > speedo red wire and then > chassis loom green (ign switched power)
speedo green wire not used so insulated with heat shrink

Once we'd done this (and moved the sensor slightly) a spin of the wheel made the speedo needle move up to 10 mph so very happy.

I'm now off the the US for a week and hopefully when I get back the replacement synchrometer will have arrived and I can focus on getting the throttle bodies set up and fitting the covers kit for the IVA on 10 Oct 12.  The guys at Quedam Tyres have offered to re-do the emission tests and head light alignment test just before I head off to Bristol, they also suggested a local (ish) engine specialist who might be able to help with the TB set up.

1.5 hours to re wire the sensor and test the speedo - total build/rectification time now 229 hours

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