Saturday, 6 October 2012

Emissions Re-test

Having sorted out the Throttle Body balancing and got the start and idle sorted both Mark at Westfield and Guy at Omex suggested it would still be worth getting the emissions tested before the IVA next week.  James and I drove the car down and confirmed the speedo was working - until we got out on the open road and over 40 mph it started jumping around - hopefully this should just need adjustment to the sensor distance from the stud heads.  On to the emissions tests

Fast Idle Test:
CO limit 0.2%vol actual 0.05%vol - Passed
HC limit 200 ppm actual 15ppm  - Passed and
Lambda min 0.97 - max 1.03 actual 1.00  - Passed (phew this was what failed before)

Natural Idle Test:
CO limit 0.3%vol actual 0.02%vol  - Passed

They also confirmed that the new bulb had sorted out the headlight dipped beam shape problem and set the head lights for me.

We went the long way home and worked on bedding in the brakes and confirming the fronts locked before the backs - I think they did and filled up the tank which took ~11 litres despite reading almost full, as the tank is 22 litres it should have been reading half full!

First impressions driving the car were:
Upper wishbone and shock absorber  IVA covers

The front of the car is a long way away
The front cycle wings need mud flaps
I need to watch carefully for and avoid pot holes/raised iron work etc
I need an audio warning or self cancelling indicators
All the instruments have moisture in them

I left the car out in the sun to try and dry out the instruments and allow James to washing it while I picked up Allanah from dancing . The final bits of the IVA kit arrived in the post at lunchtime; the first items I fitted were the covers for the front upper wishbone camber locking nut and after chopping off the tip of the dome and splitting the side these were straight forward to fit with a little silicone to hold them in place.  Unfortunately the second set was not so straight forward and required the removal of the front shock absorbers lower bolt.  While I was doing the n/s I removed completely removed the shock to investigate the problem I had trying to adjust it.  Following Mark Walker's advice to action it through it's full range of action and then try the adjustment worked and I refitted both and torqued up all the bolts with James' help. We also re-adjusted the speedo sensor until the speedo worked but can't check for the >40 mph issue.

Total work today 2.5 hrs for me and 0.5 hr for James - total build/rectification time 235 hrs.

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