Saturday, 15 September 2012

Alternator change

The alternator arrived first thing this morning with 2 replacement headlight bulbs after finishing my morning/early afternoon children's taxi service I managed to get into the garage by 14:30.

The first task was to replace the alternator - straight forward enough, disconnect the battery, undo 3 bolts and 3 (2+1) wires and then the reverse to refit - access could have been easier but after one hour the job was complete and the ignition lamp illuminated at the 2nd ignition switch position and then went out after engine start; I measured the engine voltage at 13.97V so the battery is now charging.

I then replace the faulty head light bulb, re-wired the n/s head light and refitted it.  Unfortunately once again the bolt slipped around as I tried to finally tighten it.  After removing the main lens and bezel I could see that the tang that I had straightened out yesterday had bend again so I bend it back in place and tried again - after a bit of fiddling I managed to get the tang  in to place so it locked the bolt - the problem seems to be that in order to get the head lights aligned it's pointing too far down and the tang is at the end of/beyond it's effective range.  I looked at the o/s and this was the same so I repositioned it and made sure the tang was engaged.  Tomorrow I'll clear out the end of the garage wall and mark on where the beams should shine and get them set as best I can before going back to the garage.

I checked the fuel tank and there was a very small weep, much less than before, so I tightened the union another half a turn and will look at it again tomorrow.

I exchanged emails with the synchrometer supplier and they have agreed to replace it so I packed it up and dropped into the Post Office whilst on a taxi run this morning.  Hopefully when I get back from the US on the 25 Sept I should be in a position to try setting up the throttle bodies again.

2.5 hours today - total build time now 227.5 hrs

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