Saturday, 8 September 2012

Wheels back on and garage tidy

Not too much done today.  First task was to fit the new battery and modify the the top strap.

We started the engine and got it up to full temperature and then set up the Throttle Bodies.  The synchrometer was still over reading but we ignored this and just got the two internal TBs set the same by using the link bar adjuster and once this was done all the TBs were reading the same value so we then when through the idle set up routine.  It's been a painful month or so but I've now got a much better idea of how the Omex Software works to manage idle which might be helpful in the future.

We put the wheels back on to the car and took it outside the garage and set the rear ride height and also cleared out the garage and gave it a good sweep out. 

 Reversing back into the garage the car bottomed out and we determined that it was the rounded hoop below the gearbox so I then got out my concrete cutter and "modified" the garage floor to get some clearance.  I'll repaint in once I know that I've removed enough.

Now ready for next weeks deliveries!!!!

2 hours for James and I - Total build 215 hrs

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