Tuesday, 11 September 2012

More finishing off

I only managed two hours today just clearing off the final items on the "to-do" list ready for the pre-IVA MoT tomorrow.  First thing was fitting the tax disc holder - rather expensive even with a significant discount - but it should at least slow down someone taking the disc. Note: the disc holder failed the IVA edges test so I had to remove it during the IVA to pass - wait and fit it later

Next was fitting the pedal box cover - I'd removed the carbon fibre wrap as it was starting to lift and didn't look good.  I've ordered some 3M wrap and may try again.  I fitted the cover with M5 rivnuts into the chassis and self tappers into the scuttle and I put 2mm x 10mm neoprene foam around the end to ensure a good seal.

Mark at WF advised that the Westfield/Hi-spec calipers needed the pad dowels cutting down to ~5mm so I got out the dremel and used the cutting disc to achieve it without removing the dowel/pads. After a small slip I used an off cut of ali sheet to protect the caliper.

Given the many electronic gadgets I need to keep charged (mobile, sat nav, ipod etc) I bought a pair of 12V power sockets already mounted on a plastic bracket.  I installed this with a couple of self tappers and took the power from the aux connector on the chassis loom so the power will not need the ignition switch in the I or II position.

Final task was to tidy up the dash wiring and fit the protector around the edge of the scuttle and dash.  At first I couldn't get the passenger side mounting screws covered but after some adjustments I managed to get the lower one covered but the one on the radius remained visible so I painted it black for now.

The final job of the day was to fit the number plates to test the MoT-ability of a stick on front plate.  I fitted the rear plate without the black  "IVA area" plate but drilled it so that I can fit it in the same mounting holes before the IVA.

Total build time 220 hrs.......

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