Monday, 10 September 2012

1st "Blat" - only down the drive

Mr Postie delivered the upper steering column at lunchtime and thus I was released from "other duties" by Tricia.  Installation of the steering column was straight forward until I got to the electrics - the +12V and the Ignition were oppositely wired between the chassis loom and the ignition switch.  After consulting the wiring scheme confirmed it was the ignition switch that was incorrect and after a quick call to Mark at WF to confirm I swapped the pins over and reconnected.  Note:  The 1st switch position is not used with instruments etc being at position 2.
Unfortunately it began to rain thus no chance of a drive.  While I was on the phone to Mark we discussed the IVA and he advised to fit the  covers to the front shock absorbers - the IVA manual suggests that the area inside the wishbones is excluded from the sharp edges but recent guidance allows examiners to use their gauges. Rather than strip down the suspension I proposed using self-amalgamating tape but Mark said this could be deemed "temporary".  I queried the Westfield/Hi-spec pad pins and Mark said the have to be cut down to 5mm max - Hi-spec had changed the pins without telling WF, so 2 new items added to the "to-do" list. I'd also noticed that the ignition indicator, which I'd noticed flashing on when the engine was rev'd yesterday, wasn't coming on - got the multi-meter out and the power was at the indicator so another call to Mark and he confirmed it was an alternative diode so he's posting out a replacement that should be with me on Wednesday.  I'd put some more fuel in the tank but there was no reading on the gauge so I removed the boot and swapped the wires over and now all is well. By now the weather had cleared up and the drive dried out so I took the opportunity for a quick blat down the drive with Myles who got home from school.

The "run" was repeated 3 more times as various members of the family arrived home. The brakes worked well but need a good bedding in and there's is a ticking sound coming from the exhaust that needs further investigation.  I have the car booked in to a local garage for an MoT and 4 wheel alignment on Wednesday so I'll progress the "to-do" list tomorrow.  Sorted out the insurance for the IVA in Oct and also got cover for the MoT on Wednesday.
3 more hours today so total now 218 hrs.

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