Saturday, 11 August 2012

Windscreen and OMEX ECU Software 1st run

Two packages arrived during the week the first had the replacement 4 point harness lower bolts and the second the windscreen only the front grill and upper steering column left to arrive and I'll have a complete car!

Fitting the harnesses and seats was straight forward then I constructed a positioning bracket (out of the windscreen packing) to set the screen at 1004mm (-3mm for the carpet).  The bracket was very useful in that it nicely held the screen in position but the angle look very upright.

The manual suggested using the side screens to set the final position so I collected them from the dining room (Tricia now happy) and sure enough there was a huge gap at the back.  After some trial and errorI I eventually ended up with the wooden bracket set at 992mm and then the side screens looked right.  I measured against the manual and confirmed the brackets were both in the right places (each side is slightly different)

I marked the upright position and the holes for the heater wire and then drilled the bottom hole and heater wire, a just lightly scored the upper upright hole, leaving the opportunity to adjust after a final position check. After removing the masking tape I fitted the screen using 10x5mm self adhesive foam along the bottom of the screen (doubled up between the heater wire).

Next I cut out the 16mm clearance holes in the screen/scuttle filler and prepared it for fitting  Once I was happy with the fit I marked out it's position with masking tape and then filled the gap between the scuttle and the screen with clear silicone and then put a bead of silicone alone the edge of the masking tape and refitted the filler.  After some fiddling I managed to bolt down the filler with the wiper mechanism and used duct tape to hold everything in place while the silicone set.

 Final build job of the day was to clean the inside of the screen and fit the rear view mirror and clean off any excess silicone.  I temporarily fitted the wiper blades but will need to remove them before I switch the wipers on as I don't know where the parked position is.

I'd tried to connect the ECU to my laptop during the week in order to calibrate the throttle position sensor as a first step to investigating the start and idle problems I'd experienced on the first run.  Having connected everything up and managed to get comms between the two I experienced the following:  "MAP3000 has discovered a problem.  Please report the message below to OMEX together with you last action: Unable to create a directory."  I contacted OMEX and spoke to Guy Higgs who emailed me back to confirm it was a problem associated with running MAP3000 on a PC with a Windows7 operating system.  Win7 doesn't allow executable files to create folders so I needed to create one and then use the "configure" menu in MAP3000 to point to the folder.  Tried it and hey presto it worked - MAP3000 up and running on a Win7 laptop - next I tried to calibrate the TPS and ran into problem where it appeared to jump all over the place as I adjusted the throttle primary idle screw.  After a call to both Mark at WF and Guy at OMEX I have a series of tests they want me to do over the weekend to confirm the operation of the TPS - so something for tomorrow then. 
 3.5 hours today fitting the seats/harnesses/windscreen plus 2.5 hours on Thurs/Fri messing around getting the ECU software to work and trying to set the TPS - total build time to date 193 hours, Allanah, Myles & James are now on their way home so I may have some help tomorrow.

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