Saturday, 18 August 2012

Clearing off the"To-Do" list

The car is now largely built so now I just need to run down the "to-do" list which is currently 29 items long, including fitting the missing parts.

First task this morning was to torque up the n/s front suspension which James & I tackled together and then we got the car up on axle stands and the wheels off so that we could bleed the brakes again - very few bubbles at the back but a gush as each of the front outer nipples were opened.  Final step was to stick on the fluid symbol.

James then set about the o/s front suspension making sure the flexible brake hose and wiring was well tied up  and keeping clear of the wheel and bodywork to match the n/s and then disappeared somewhere. 
Meanwhile I fitted the heat shield between the exhaust manifold and starter motor with rivets and a stainless steel ty-wrap.

Next to the back of the car an I started fitting the closing plates starting with the n/s - access was tight but by drilling through the lower rivets at a slight angle it was straight forward and also made access for the rivet gun.  Finally made sure the lower section was well sealed with silicone.  Moving around the car I got the Dremmel out and fettled the hole for the boot, fitted it and then cut the slots for the boot locks - this took a while as I locked one side and then it wouldn't unlock and I had to work out how to get a bar up between the rear panel and the boot liner to push the lock back - eventually achieved it and the other side was completed without getting it stuck. 

James had returned and fitted some more rubber foam to the battery strap and bolted it in place using thread lock.   I moved on to the o/s rear and started by wiring up the hi-level brake light but when I tried to power up the car the battery was gasping.  I hooked up our aged charge and it gave up the ghost with as acrid smell - so off to Halfords and purchased a "smart charger" that was 1/3rd off - it's specifically designed for keeping batteries conditioned and charged up on occasional use vehicles.  

Final tasks were James fitting the foot well carpets and me fettling the IVA covers for the bonnet catches. Hopefully tomorrow we'll finish off the rear end wiring and closing plate tomorrow and then get the wheels back on and with a fully charged battery go through the throttle body balancing and set up recommended by OMEX and Mark at WF.

13 items cleared of the "to-do" list - 5 hours for me and 3 hours for James - total 208 hours

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