Sunday, 19 August 2012

Clearing off the"To-Do" list - Pt 2

 Started off by wiring up and testing the hi-level rear brake light then ty-wrapped all the rear harnesses in place.

Fitted the o/s rear closure plate and then moved back to the n/s to ty-wrap the fuel tank breather pipe to the rear chassis member taking care not to over tighten.

Then on to the engine bay where I ty-wrapped the temperature sensor to the alternator mount using 2 x ty-wraps so that it didn't slip off.  Next I fitted a ty-wrap mount for the clutch cable and accelerator cable.  Finally I routed the accelerator cable up to the throttle bodies ty-wrapping to the rigid brake lines to avoid the lower steering column.

4 items cleared of the "to-do" list - 2 hours for me only due to pre-season training starting - total 210 hours.

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