Friday, 3 August 2012

Carpet and seat fit

 Where to begin?  Started by testing the sikaflex bond to the cycle wing for the extra wiring ty-wrap point both of which failed.  While I was under the front wheel arch I noticed a worrying development - the fibre glass seems to be de-bonding from the ABS wheel arch.  Problem noted and query raised on the WSCC Newbies forum.  It would appear that Polyester Resin is not suitable for bonding ABS and that Epoxy Resin should be used - started again!

Next fitting the TRS 4 point harnesses - all went well until I tried to torque the 7/16" bolts into the chassis - only one would take the 26 ft lbs torque so a query to Mark at WF.  Exchanged photos through email and the consensus was that the bolts needed replacement and Mark would arrange for them to be sent out.  Unfortunately this then prevented the fitting of the seats but I decided to go ahead just to cut the holes in the carpet and confirm the seat fit.  Seats will need to be removed to bolt on the lower harness mounts when the replacement bolts arrive.

Finally I cut the hole for the n/s cycle wing indicator repeater and re-bonded ty-wrap mounts, I repeated the same process but with a heavily scored each surface - will look at these again tomorrow.

2.5 hrs today giving a total of 185 hrs.

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