Sunday, 12 August 2012

First time out of the garage

Started the morning by fitting the n/s cycle wing, wiring up the indicator repeater LED and refitted the front wheels. With the car back on 4 wheels we pushed it outside into the sunshine to do the engine run and get the run data for diagnosis.

While the car was outside James and I took the opportunity to give it a quick wash and polish.  I then removed the windscreen wiper arms/blades, filled the wash bottle and adjusted the jets. After connecting the wiper motor I switched them on and off to establish the park position and then refitted the arms/blades.  Unfortunately when then switched them on to test them they went the wrong way and blew the fuse! - a quick photo of the configuration and an email to Mark at WF for advice. 

I then drove the car carefully back into the garage - noticed that the temperature gauge sensor was still weeping and there was a steady drip from the water pump hose - tightened up the jubilee clip and all was well - but left the sensor as I had tightened this previously so will now try thread sealant.  Left the car with plenty of room at the back end so I can finish the boot and wire up the roll bar brake light.

Another 3 hours plus an hour each for James & Myles - total build time 198 hours

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