Sunday, 5 August 2012

Rework Day

Reworked the cycle wing bonding - applying pressure to the bonds was enough for them to all eventually fail so it was a good job I noticed the problem before going out on the road.  Next I refitted the front lower wishbone ball joint mounts as I'd notice that there was not 2 threads clear of the nyloc, Mark Walker had advised to remove the washers that I'd fitted by mistake earlier in the build.  I unbolted the exhaust manifold to fit the heat shield but will need to remove it completely in order to get sufficient access to drill and rivet it to the chassis - will have to wait until I have more time to remove the whole exhaust.  Final task of the day was to fit the side screen hinges in preparation for the windscreen arriving later in the week.  An on/off day as far as the car was concerned as I was fitting floor tiles to a shower room after a minor flood last week - 2 hours only today - total 187 hrs

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