Thursday, 10 May 2012

1st Build Day

Got off to a reasonable start and by close of play had fitted the Tunnel Side Panels, Rear Bulkhead, Drivers Side and Bulkhead and drilled all the holes for the Passenger Bulkhead (couldn't find the Side Panel but I've got an extra driver's side), the Scuttle and the Driver's Exterior Panel - 10 hrs my time plus 3.5 hrs of James' and Myles helped find some parts and do some of the riveting. 
Points of note:  Eating 4.1mm Drill Bits, Chassis has extra bracing that means the Panels need extra cut outs (slightly over did this on the bulkhead!) and most panels need some "fettling" to clear welds etc, so far only one miss drilled hole (that I filled with a rivet) and finally the Air Riveter was a very good buy but the Air Drill needs a more powerful compressor (although on paper specs the Compressor had >cfm that the Air Drill needed).

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