Friday, 18 May 2012

Wiring and front end!

Staff Reports drove me to an early finish and got home mid afternoon.  Drilled all the mounts for the front wiring loom and fitted the fuse boxes and passed the dash loom through a very small cut out (required the rewiring of the relays).  James & Myles got back from school just in time to re-wire the fuse boxes.  First ever rivnuts fitted and now have the confidence to use them on the tunnel covers.  James then drill the tunnel and rear mounts.  Added Note:  Dash loom is through the wrong hole in the photo below see later posts it should go through the 1st Tunnel cover!!)

Fitted the front and rear looms with minimal ty-wraps to allow some future adjustments.  Fitted the fronts wishbones and the steering rack, ali mounts needed some "fettling" but I'm now happy with them - the only problem is I can't find the locking nuts for the steering arm ball joints so will have to search for them again in the morning.

5 hrs for me, 2 hrs for James and 30 mins for Myles - total 35.5 hrs

Points to Note: FW body headlight mounts don't bolts to the front upper wishbones.

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