Sunday, 20 May 2012

Wheels on - just for a trial

Busy day but not a lot to show for it.  Torqued up the drive shafts front hubs; fitted the rear discs and front and rear calipers and flexi brake lines.

Fettled and riveted on the 1st tunnel cover and passed the dash wiring though it then installed the ECU bracket.  Added Note:  Don't fit the 1st tunnel cover until you've installed the engine as you need access to mark out, drill and install the gearbox mount.  Also the ECU mount should be as close to the bend of the dash hoop as possible if you are fitting a heater (ie not close to the tunnel like the picture below) - see 4 June 2012 post where I put it right!!!
Fitted the O/S wheels for a photo!
Installed the fuel pump/filter and fitted the 1st fuel hose.
8 hrs for me and 7 hrs for James - total 57.5 hrs

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