Saturday, 26 May 2012

Service Brakes Finished - for now

I've been busy on anything but the Westfield.  It's a good thing really as I'm sort of held up awaiting parts.  Anyway I have done something:  I've  sorted out the wiring looms at the front, rear and through the tunnel but, without the ECU loom and knowing which speedo sensor I have, I've left the centre section of the loom for now.  The handbrake cable should arrive before next weekend which will allow the fitting of the fuel tank and finishing of the rear fuel system; for now I have all the flexible hose cut and trial fitted.  James and I filled and bled the service brakes (can you tell that I've read the IVA manual recently - lots of train journeys to london) and have left the pedal "chocked" over night to see if the fairies can help.  I've fitted the handbrake and it's switch and also fitted the lights to the rear body work.  Spend an hour working out how the wiring goes but will check with Mark at Westfield on Monday to see if I'm right as there are a few "spare" wires left over.  Myles fitted the switches (minus the missing one!) and warning lights to the dash but without the instruments he's now at work stop.

Tomorrow I'll put a bit more effort into understanding what I can do with the bits I have and make sure I have everything for the engine hoist ready for FedEx to deliver all the key missing parts ahead of the long Bank Holiday and half term......

3 hrs for me, 2 hrs for James and 0.5 hrs for Myles - total 63 hrs - No Photos as not a lot to see


  1. Hope you have good luck with parts great progress.

    Best wishes

    Paul & Joe IOM

    1. Jason at Westfield is trying hard and sends me update emails whenever he's sending out things - he's expecting the gauges and H/Brake cable next week and has promised a update on the OMEX harness, ECU, TBs on Monday. I have from 1 Jun to 10 Jun on holiday with James & Myles available to help 5 - 10 Jun so I was hoping to have a rolling chassis with engine installed before going back to work. I saw the photos of your hub bearing and have check mine - all look okay. Best wishes for you build, Jon H