Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Pick Up

Early start to drive up to Westfield via Taunton to pick up Paul who agreed to provide extra muscle for the load/off load.  Arrived at Westfield at 09:00, parked the van at the loading bay and then went in for the promised fresh coffee (that was excellent and very welcome).  Simon agreed that the weather was okay for a test drive so Paul & I took it in turns with Paul getting the factory tour during my drive.   By the time we'd finished it was 11:45 and Jason & Co had loaded the van with the only thing left for me to do was the signed the paperwork and check the engine was well strapped in.  A remark in Simon's earshot about the cosmetic Rear Diffuser had lead to an offer of one leftover from Stoneleigh coupled with the hi level Rear Brake Light I'd ordered left me with little change from £150.

Stopped at McD's for a quick bite to, and the broker called to finalise the build insurance (wallet another £220 lighter) and then a long drive home.  Got back to Yeovil at 15:00 and had just about completed the off load before the boys got home from school.  Thought about starting but just spent some time trying to get to grips with what was in all the boxes.

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