Wednesday, 10 October 2012


In the queue - naughty number plate!
Not the best of starts - trailer tyre slow puncture/flat followed by the cover being ripped off then traffic and road works conspired to make us 30 minutes late - then met by the inspector who advised that he would be instructing 12 students on the VOSA IVA Inspector Course in the practical aspects of an IVA.........

Things of note - (ie fails that the inspector allowed me to fix!!):

(1) I'd fitted the front number plate with a private number - cars should not be presented with number plates if unregistered (which clearly without an IAC they can't been) - Inspector said he would inspect because the car had been trailered to the centre - no need to unstick it
(2) Exhaust front clamp needed to be turned around to miss the under body "cone"
(3) Self adhesive cable clips not acceptable on external surfaces ie fuel tank for sender cable - ty-wrapped to mounting band

(4) FW Head Light mounting thread needed to be covered - cut end off a 13mm cover, split it and siliconed in place

(5) Battery +ive connector needed to be covered - 10mm(ish) cover fitted - whilst a minimum pass the inspector suggested I might want to look at it again to improve further - (I've ordered proper covers through ebay)

(6) +ive feed to the starter motor needed a cover - luckily I was able to fabricate one with pipe to an acceptable standard as none of my spares fitted

(7) Westfield Tax Disc holder - failed interior sphere test - removed.....

 And in the end - a PASS

The "rule of thumb" test that the inspector applied to the build/fixes was "would a car manufacturer (Ford/BMW/Audi etc) do it, & would you buy it, like that?"

The test started at 08:30 and I was issued the IAC at 15:15 with a 15min coffee break in the morning and 45mins for lunch - managed to get a bacon roll, denied earlier by our tardy arrival, from a burger van down the road from the test centre.

What the collective noun for a group of VOSA IVA Inspectors?
Many thanks to all WSCCers for all the advice and build sites (especially Rhett's and Kevin's), Tigger at Westfield World, Mark Walker at WF for the Speedo Certificate and frequent advice through the build, Bren for transporting and helping work out/fitting the fixes (and on his birthday too) and Howard, the inspector at the VOSA Test Centre, Bristol for talking me through the whole process and giving me advice and time to sort out the fixes.  And finally Tricia who's put up with me for the last 5 months and wasn't looking forward to me coming home with a fail!

Very Happy - just have to get the Registration sorted.


  1. Many congratulations from the Isle of Man !

    Best wishes

    Paul & Joe.

  2. Paul & Joe,

    Thanks for all your support - good luck with yours, won't be too long now

    Jon H