Friday, 12 October 2012

Post IVA Upgrades

Not a lot to cover but Mr Postie delivered some bits today:

First thing was a proper +ive terminal cover for the Battery - a little bit bigger than I was expecting but fulfils the agreement with Howard at the VOSA Test Centre to improve in the future.

Then the rear arch stone guards from CarbonMods - I was worried that they wouldn't fit as when I ordered them I selected the FW body but when the order confirmation came through the description had expanded to include "FIXED ARCH".  James held them against the arches and they look very nice and fitted well (hopefully Tricia won't ask what they cost!) they will need riveting in place - 3.2mm black rivets ordered. 

Scanned and emailed my IAC to Westfield yesterday, hopefully the Certificate of Newness will arrive tomorrow so I can finish off my pack for the DVLA registration on Wednesday.

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