Friday, 19 October 2012

Registered & 1st Blat

The Blatting Gods were smiling on me today - I got back from a couple of days at Shrivenham and found a letter from the DVLA stating that the Westfield is now registered with the private reg, there was a tax disc attached and a V948 Number Plate Authorisation Certificate which allows the number plates to be made whilst I wait for the V5C to come from Swansea (already had them!). I put 34 miles on the car split between James & Myles - smiles all round and the forecast is no rain tomorrow.

I've already started to log some shake down problems that will need looking at:

(1) All the instruments are fogging up once the heater has been running for a reasonable time.

(2) The steering column - vibration just over idle.

The Cobra Immobiliser arrived in the post and I'm working out how to fit it and the wheel arch protectors

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