Sunday, 27 May 2012

What Next?

 A collection of photos to cover the weekends in-activity:
Fitted washer bottle and spliced in the correct connector into the chassis loom.  Also put ty-wrap mounts into the N/S lower chassis in preparation for fitting the engine/ECU/Battery loom

Fitted all the rear lights and temporarily fitted to the chassis to look at where the looms go.  I will now add ty-wrap mounts to the chassis where the looms need to run

 Handbrake and switch installed
 Master cylinder - filled and wiring connected
  Battery fitted (will remove before lifting off the stands)
 N/S Front wiring all convoluted up

Luckily I got distracted into dog walking and watching Myles play rugby again - followed by a BBQ and lubricated with a couple of pints of Stowford Press, no chance of working on the car so off to the garden for a nice relax in the warmth of the late afternoon - hopefully there will be good news from Westfield tomorrow regarding the OMEX Loom

1 hr for me and 0.5 hrs for Myles - total 64.5 hrs

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Service Brakes Finished - for now

I've been busy on anything but the Westfield.  It's a good thing really as I'm sort of held up awaiting parts.  Anyway I have done something:  I've  sorted out the wiring looms at the front, rear and through the tunnel but, without the ECU loom and knowing which speedo sensor I have, I've left the centre section of the loom for now.  The handbrake cable should arrive before next weekend which will allow the fitting of the fuel tank and finishing of the rear fuel system; for now I have all the flexible hose cut and trial fitted.  James and I filled and bled the service brakes (can you tell that I've read the IVA manual recently - lots of train journeys to london) and have left the pedal "chocked" over night to see if the fairies can help.  I've fitted the handbrake and it's switch and also fitted the lights to the rear body work.  Spend an hour working out how the wiring goes but will check with Mark at Westfield on Monday to see if I'm right as there are a few "spare" wires left over.  Myles fitted the switches (minus the missing one!) and warning lights to the dash but without the instruments he's now at work stop.

Tomorrow I'll put a bit more effort into understanding what I can do with the bits I have and make sure I have everything for the engine hoist ready for FedEx to deliver all the key missing parts ahead of the long Bank Holiday and half term......

3 hrs for me, 2 hrs for James and 0.5 hrs for Myles - total 63 hrs - No Photos as not a lot to see

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Wheels on - just for a trial

Busy day but not a lot to show for it.  Torqued up the drive shafts front hubs; fitted the rear discs and front and rear calipers and flexi brake lines.

Fettled and riveted on the 1st tunnel cover and passed the dash wiring though it then installed the ECU bracket.  Added Note:  Don't fit the 1st tunnel cover until you've installed the engine as you need access to mark out, drill and install the gearbox mount.  Also the ECU mount should be as close to the bend of the dash hoop as possible if you are fitting a heater (ie not close to the tunnel like the picture below) - see 4 June 2012 post where I put it right!!!
Fitted the O/S wheels for a photo!
Installed the fuel pump/filter and fitted the 1st fuel hose.
8 hrs for me and 7 hrs for James - total 57.5 hrs

Saturday, 19 May 2012

First Problems

Got to the garage just after lunch and re-routed the Dash element of the harness as it shouldn't have gone through the Scuttle - the hole there is for the ECU cables.  James helped fit the Diff which took a couple of attempts because the bushes were too close together and we couldn't get the washer in on one side.  After a couple of different tries to move the bushes we used a flat screw driver to push the centre of the bush over enough; no problems with the bottom fitting.  

Fitted the rear wishbones and couldn't get the lower stud through the front bush.  A quick trip to Halfords and 2 hours of Emery clothing later and both fitted so assembled the rear suspension and fitted the drive shafts with 3 bolts in each.
5 hrs for me and 2 hrs for James - total 42.5 hrs

Friday, 18 May 2012

Wiring and front end!

Staff Reports drove me to an early finish and got home mid afternoon.  Drilled all the mounts for the front wiring loom and fitted the fuse boxes and passed the dash loom through a very small cut out (required the rewiring of the relays).  James & Myles got back from school just in time to re-wire the fuse boxes.  First ever rivnuts fitted and now have the confidence to use them on the tunnel covers.  James then drill the tunnel and rear mounts.  Added Note:  Dash loom is through the wrong hole in the photo below see later posts it should go through the 1st Tunnel cover!!)

Fitted the front and rear looms with minimal ty-wraps to allow some future adjustments.  Fitted the fronts wishbones and the steering rack, ali mounts needed some "fettling" but I'm now happy with them - the only problem is I can't find the locking nuts for the steering arm ball joints so will have to search for them again in the morning.

5 hrs for me, 2 hrs for James and 30 mins for Myles - total 35.5 hrs

Points to Note: FW body headlight mounts don't bolts to the front upper wishbones.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Back home again

I've been away in London but while I was gone Mr Postie delivered the shock absorbers, chassis wiring harness, the lower ball joints, a radiator hose and various nuts/bolts etc so I should be very busy this weekend. James and I labelled up the harness using the Dymo labels that we printed out while we were waiting for the kit.  Out to the garage and we fitted the remaining rigid brake lines, chopped the ends of the steering rack and fitted the wide track extensions before calling it a day (it was a late night last night!)

 Another 2.5 hr for me and 1.5 hrs for James - total 28 hrs

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Brake Line

Not much done today only managed to fit the longest brake line and turn the chassis back over. 

Another 2 hrs total 24 hrs

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Fixed Fuel Lines

The missing panel and fittings arrived in the post so I felt compelled to do something.  Turned out to be a successful evening finishing off all the ali panels (excluding driver's exterior and scuttle for access) and also fitting the fuel lines, something I was quite concerned about but, in the end, turned out to be reasonably straight forward with the pipe bender. Build time 3 hrs me and 1.5 hrs James; total 22 hrs.

Point of Note:  Make sure you use drill bits suitable for steel!

Pedal Box & Panels

Too many other commitments so limited progress; Pedals fitted, Passenger's External Panel drilled chassis turned over and lower panels "fettled" but not drilled. Build time 3 hrs me and 1hr James; total 17.5 hrs.
Emails and a quick call to Jason at Westfield and panel plus some extra M8 bolts are in the post.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

1st Build Day

Got off to a reasonable start and by close of play had fitted the Tunnel Side Panels, Rear Bulkhead, Drivers Side and Bulkhead and drilled all the holes for the Passenger Bulkhead (couldn't find the Side Panel but I've got an extra driver's side), the Scuttle and the Driver's Exterior Panel - 10 hrs my time plus 3.5 hrs of James' and Myles helped find some parts and do some of the riveting. 
Points of note:  Eating 4.1mm Drill Bits, Chassis has extra bracing that means the Panels need extra cut outs (slightly over did this on the bulkhead!) and most panels need some "fettling" to clear welds etc, so far only one miss drilled hole (that I filled with a rivet) and finally the Air Riveter was a very good buy but the Air Drill needs a more powerful compressor (although on paper specs the Compressor had >cfm that the Air Drill needed).

The Pick Up

Early start to drive up to Westfield via Taunton to pick up Paul who agreed to provide extra muscle for the load/off load.  Arrived at Westfield at 09:00, parked the van at the loading bay and then went in for the promised fresh coffee (that was excellent and very welcome).  Simon agreed that the weather was okay for a test drive so Paul & I took it in turns with Paul getting the factory tour during my drive.   By the time we'd finished it was 11:45 and Jason & Co had loaded the van with the only thing left for me to do was the signed the paperwork and check the engine was well strapped in.  A remark in Simon's earshot about the cosmetic Rear Diffuser had lead to an offer of one leftover from Stoneleigh coupled with the hi level Rear Brake Light I'd ordered left me with little change from £150.

Stopped at McD's for a quick bite to, and the broker called to finalise the build insurance (wallet another £220 lighter) and then a long drive home.  Got back to Yeovil at 15:00 and had just about completed the off load before the boys got home from school.  Thought about starting but just spent some time trying to get to grips with what was in all the boxes.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Final clean up before D-Day

Luckily is was raining this morning so managed to get James & Myles to do one final push to get the garage ready.  James & I finished the electrics and did a final clean up while Myles went mad with the labeller - now ready for Wednesday?  Managed to get some manuals online through WSSC and also tracking , they are building a FW SE and picked up their kit a couple of weeks ago.