Saturday, 17 November 2012

Ad Hoc WF Owners Meeting

Tricia and I braved the grey sky and set off to drive a loop through Montacute, Stoke-Sub-Hambdon, Crewkerne, East Chinook, West Coker and back to Yeovil.  All went well although there was slight drizzle as we headed towards Crewkerne and we considered heading back to clear skies when it started to clear. 
Nigel watches on as Tricia attempts to maintain her dignity!

 As we headed towards East Chinook I suggested that we stop off at Bridge Farm
 for some cider in preparation for the Rugby this afternoon.
Barn find!

Much to my surprise Nigel was very interest in the car and as we went towards the shop he diverted to one on the sheds and revealed an early-ish Westfield, Xflow engine and twin 45s.  The car was in need of some TLC but, a summer of constant rain and lots of stay-cationers visiting the farm meant that it had been laid up for over a year.

Another cider purchaser/MX5 driver advised of another Westfield owner who lived in East Chinook so this might be start of a South Somerset Westfield Owner and Traditional Cider Drinkers Club!

Over 450 miles now on the clock and when I got home I went round all the shock absorbers a set them to Front 4 clicks and Rear 8 clicks hopefully I'll get a chance to see if it makes any difference tomorrow when I get back from Bridgewater & Albion RFC.

Friday, 16 November 2012


The car is currently stuck in the garage because the weather has been "changeable". However I've been struck by upgrade-itis and so far have the following:

Alpha D shape s/wheel with quick release - on order from Westfield - including a replacement upper steering column inner - aka unicorn horn!!!!

Quick shift adapter - on order from Burton Power
Carbon Fibre rear wheel arch protectors - ready to fitImmobiliser - ready to fitCycle wing mud flap - ready to fit
GoPro 2 HD - 1st one didn't work - replacement arrived today
I'm also watching out for a half hood - SBFS v Westfield - still not sure but I'm certain that I need one before next summer season.

On a WSCC Forum I saw a recommendation to fit the CW mud flaps with velcro so might try this this weekend.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Blat Time

The weather looked okay yesterday so I took the car into work for the first time.  Unfortunately the view through the window looked menacing all morning so I decided to take it home at lunchtime.  Brendan was back from Yeovilton so it gave the opportunity for the two of us to have a 1/2 hour blat - his first time in the Westfield since the trip to Bristol for the IVA, we dropped the car in the garage at home and return to work in the Clio.

Just after lunch today James wanted dropping off in town so we got the car out of the garage and took the long way into town after filling up (13.7 ltrs) at the local Asda - I'm now not convinced that the fuel gauge is working as it was still showing full!  After dropping James off I got home and started to investigate a strange metallic banging sound - after rattling various things under the bonnet etc I found a can of 7 Up under the passenger seat left there since Exeter.  When I got inside Tricia had finished the ironing and said she'd like a run out so we did a circle from Yeovil through Mudford, Marston Magna, Queen Camel, Yeovilton, Ilchester and then back to Yeovil just after 2 pm and in time for the England v Fiji Rugby.  By this time the fuel guage had moved from well over full to full so I'm now not sure whether it's working or not?  Total distance now 375 miles.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Side Screens and Fuel Gauge fix

 The weather forecast is for sunny but cold weather and learning from experience I decided it was time to fit the side screens.  It was straight forward enough fit the screens, workout where the straps needed to be a drill a hole in the side screen.  After bolting on the strap mark out where the popper stud needed to be on the inner panel then drill and rivet.  The overall position of the strap has to be as far back as possible but operable from the seat.
Once the side screens were fitted I jacked up the front of the car and spotted the slight oil leak was coming from the sump oil drain plug so I tightened it up and cleaned off the excess.  Then on to the fuel gauge - Mark at Westfield had advised that the most likely cause was a bad connection and sure enough one of the wires was not properly connected so removing and refitting the boot lid and liner took longer than the actual fix.

Total time 1 hr, so total time 236 hrs excluding the day at the IVA.  Then Myles and I went out for a quick blat for half an hour - total distance travelled now 312 miles