Thursday, 1 October 2020


 The summer Euro Tour and Le Mans trip was cancelled so a long weekend in Anglesey with a track day on the Monday was substituted.  We met up a various locations in Somerset and headed up to the Gloucester Services on the M5 for breakfast and fuel.

We pulled off the M5 at the next junction and ambled up to Anglesey stopping at the Ludlow Brewery for lunch and at Demon Tweeks to see if they had some offers.

Over the weekend we drove around the island and took a 70 kt Rib ride along the Menai Straights.

South Stack Lighthouse

On Monday we drove to Trac Mon, about 1/2 hour from the accommodation for an excellent track day.  Due to COVID the cars were split into 3 groups and had 7x fixed 20 min sessions from 0900 to 1700; we had excellent weather for late September, sunshine and low 20 deg C.  In the morning the layout was the International and in the afternoon the Coastal, slightly shorter and incorporating the tricky 'Corkscrew' corners.

Distanced Paddock


GPS Track 745 miles, nearly 18 hours driving

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

First COVID19 Blats

With the relaxing of the C19 Lockdown we managed to get out for a blat around Dorset and South Somerset - great to get out in the Eleven with everything working after the engine/gearbox removal/refit - I still need to make a slight adjustment to the clutch pedal but the speedo no works using the magnets on the prop shaft flange and there's no leak from the gearbox input shaft immediately apparent.

Not the best picture but looking out over Weymouth Bay from the Hardy Monument at the cruise liners parked up.

On the 1st June I taxed the FW and repeated the last blat in the Eleven but extended.  New R888Rs are now scrubbed in and almost every thing is working, I just need to reconnect the wiper switch illumination.  We stopped off at Cerne Abbas for some photos.

Monday, 13 April 2020

Aerocatches and Carbon Fibre Flared Side Panels and Headlights

Due to COVID-19 the cars are both in extended lockdown, me working from home and the Easter holiday trip to Berlin cancelled I've managed to get out to the garage and complete some upgrades to the SEIW.


First was the headlights, the shells needed to be finished off with fittings

and once the LED headlight had been bonded in place I fitted them to the car using new 6 way econoseals and the same wiring as the previous lights

Aerocatches - (note photos from either side)

Next was the Aerocatches, I'd had these and the flared side panels for a couple of years but never plucked up the courage to fitment - I now know why.

Step 1 - decide where to fit them and make a template so that both sides are in the same position.

Step 2 - cut out the mounting hole

Step 3 - sand down the thickness of the panel/trim the Aerocatch

Step 4 - bond in the aerocatch

Step 5 - cut slot and shape the lower edge of th e bonnet to clear the pin

Step 6 - make a bracket and mount the engagement pin (note after fitting the flared side panel

Step 7 - repeat on other  side

Flared Side Panels (removable)

Step 1 - drill out the current side panel rivets and cut the panel just in front of the footwell bulkhead - I took the opportunity to clean off some slight rust and repaint the chassis 

Step 2 - cut the top edge of the new panel to length/shape (including ARB cut-out) and drill the upper mounting holes using a 'hole finder' and 'clecos'

Step 3 - drill the mounting holes out to 7mm, countersink and fit M5 rivnuts

no photo

Step 4 - drill the lower mounting holes using a 'hole finder'

no photo

Step 5 - mark and cut the side edge of the flared panel following the angle of the scuttle

Step 6 - make a template for the grill - using the profile of the old/new panel at the new cut angle

Step 7 - mark out, cut and form the grill, then touch up

Step 8 - bond the grill to the flared panel witk sikaflex - use self adhesive foam to protect the inner panel (following the masking tape)

Step 9 - repeat with n/s needing the exhaust & exhaust manifold removed and extra cut out.

Now just need to get the car out of the garage for a good clean and polish.