Monday, 28 March 2016

Upgrade Shakedown

Sunshine in mid March encouraged me to get the car back on the road so a final push to complete all the post upgrade rebuild.  12 March was a quick run out on my own - cold tyres and forgetting just how quick the car is led to an entertain drive out and lots of very big grins.  On Sunday Tricia and I did 70+ miles down to the south coast road then back to Yeovil via Sherborne.  Noticed that the battery voltage was low - not sure whether this is the change in lower limit that I programmed the digidash or something more terminal - checked all the battery connections when we got home and they appeared okay.  Tuesday evening was sunny again and I managed to get Tricia out again, battery light still flashing and thought it might be the battery feedback to the alternator as the overall voltage was sometimes lower than 12 volts - schoolboy error the main alternator change cable was fitted but not bolted on......fixed; also a couple of minor weeps from coolant hoses....tightened up.

FreeWheel Pt 1

The weather ha improved and I'd finished all the winter upgrades so Tricia and I have enjoyed a number of chilly blats around Yeovil and down to the Dorset coast - after all the time spent in a cold garage it was good to get out in the car again - I'd forgotten how quick the car was (and the need to warm up the tyres)

I've only just installed the BlinkStop but got the digital bug and after an exchange of emails with Mike Rowland ( I agreed to be a guinea pig for the new 8 Channel FreeWheel.  The first step was to install the wireless transponder on the steering wheel.  I'd previously shaped a piece of carbon fibre sheet and installed the 8 switches.

After wiring up the switches I wrapped the loom in in self amalgamating tape.  With the battery installed I tested the switches with each generating a double orange blink which indicates that the transponder has failed to communicate with the FreeWheel Receiver.

Very pleased with the results and once fitted to the car I confirmed that the top switches didn't block off the digidash.