Monday, 1 April 2013

Headlight Installed - eventually

After a weekend away in Yorkshire I managed to get out to the garage to install the Venom Headlights. I'd done some research and also got advice from Paul & Joe Bromley who fitted them as part of their original build. The wiring is relatively straight forward with the only tricky bit was to rewire the dipped/main beam switch to ensure that the main beam bulbs retained power when the high beam electro-mechanical shield is lifted and to remain legal the DRLs have to switch off automatically when the side lights/dipped/main beam are switched on.  I bought a special DRL switcher and I also replaced the indicator relay with an LED compatible one to ensure that the indicators flashed at the correct rate (eventually fixed with a CF14 LED Relay).
First thing was to mount the lights, I found that the alignment adjusted was masked by the cowling so I went down to Screwfix and picked up some stainless M16 washers to use as spacers.

I wanted to use the original loom connectors so I wired up the indicators and gave them a test with the hazard flashers - all okay

I made a bracket for the DRL switcher and mounted it on the chassis by the O/S headlight and indicator loom to minimise the additional wiring. The sensor wire was connected to the side light supply and I took the DRL power from the fuse box.  DRL switched on at ignition position II

DRL 100% when the ignition is at II and head/side lights are off.

Dipped/Main bean and the DRLs at 50% power for sidelights.  All okay but when I tested the indicators they flashed at double rate so I need to investigate further (eventually fixed with a CF14 LED Relay).  Tricia and I went out for a run  that had to be cut short because the headlights started to come loose.  Once we'd got home I fabricated a 24mm spanner with a cut out for the cable and  tightened everything up.  James and I then went out for another drive with no problems.  Now just have to repair the gelcoat and refit the front grill.

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