Thursday, 14 March 2013

Venom 5 in 1 Headlamps

First things first - the sun was shining and it was the first warmish day for a while (8 degC) so Tricia and I went for a blat and the car broke through 800 miles.

At the start of the month I attended my first WSCC Dorset Area meeting - the weather wasn't good so I didn't take the Westfield and I was in good company as only one person turned up in their's. It was a good couple of hours with general discussion on a range of topics from rolling roll performance charts, new build (a Westfield & a garage), a convoy to Stoneleigh and camping, Top Gear, Land Rovers, inflatable tents etc etc and the ages ranged from late 20s to retirees so a very mixed bunch.  Next month the clocks will have moved to summertime so I'll take the car.

Upgraditis has struck again; I was looking at options to install Day Running Lights and I really like Paul & Joe's headlights so I decided to go for them.  I'm now trying to work out how to wire them up and make it all neat and tidy.  I may have to wait until the weather wars up because I will also have to do some fibre glass and gelcoat repairs to the nose cone once the front indicator pods are removed and I still need to sort the chip in the boot area.

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