Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Gelcoat Repairs - Part 1

Two repairs required - 1st at the back of the car where the boot dowel goes into the bodywork and 2nd on both sides of the nose where the original indicator stalks were mounted.

The first step was to fibre glass the inside of the nose, one sheet of standard fibre glass and one sheet of  fibre glass tissue slightly bigger than the standard. 

While the fibre glass was going off I prepared the boot surround with the Dremmel and then added the gelcoat mixed with 2% wax and 2% hardener.

Using the wax should allow the gelcoat to harden without sealing it with tape but I used tape to ensure that there was plenty of gelcoat to wet & dry back.

Then the same again for both sides of the nose.

Now leave over night and start with the wet & dry and polish - hopefully I'll be finished in time to go to the Dorset WSCC meet tomorrow evening.

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