Friday, 5 April 2013

1st Oil Change

Just short of 1,000 miles, following the trip to Dorset on Wednesday, so time for the 1st oil change.  I had to jack up the front of the car to get the oil drainer underneath the sump, then remove the sump plug. After 15 minutes the oil flow had stopped so I refitted the plug, removed the oil drainer, spotted the sump plug washer, removed and refitted the sump plug - this time with the washer!  I then lowered the car and replaced  the filter, access wasn't the best due to the alternator but I managed to get the chain over the filter and ratchet it off/on.  I refilled the oil with Halford's finest semi synthetic - job done - less than 15 mins actual work, £8 for the filter and £16 for the oil, free disposal at the local recycling centre; how does Mr Benz justify ~£400 for this on Mrs H's estate?

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